Human Excretion Will Not Happen Without These Organs

Basically, the metabolic waste must be removed from the body immediately. If not removed immediately, these waste substances will accumulate in the body and cause various diseases. This process of removing waste material is known as excretion. There are several organ systems that play a role in the occurrence of this excretion. The process of removing waste products from metabolism from the body includes the expenditure of urine, feces, breathing, and sweat. The system that regulates the release of these substances is called the excretion system. Organs that Play a role in the Excretion System There are a series of organs that are directly involved in the removal of this waste. Some organs that have functions in the process of excretion, namely: Kidney Kidney is one of the main organs in the process of spending substances that are not needed by the body. The kidneys play a role in processing around 190 liters of blood to get approximately two liters of waste products and ex
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